Wright Brothers Award


Aero Club Wright Brothers Award Recipients

C Robert Mills 1999 Lifetime commitment to country, club and seaplane training.
Jeff Kahn 2000 For his effort as secretary and general liaison
Robert Dant 2001 For his work on newsletter and website
Joan Landrey 2002 For her exemplary service to the club
Walter Ellis 2003 For his efforts to expand scholarships to non-pilot candidates
Timothy Boyle 2004 For his work as Scholarship Chair
Nancy Kyle 2005 For her years of commitment to the Aero Club
Debbie Harding 2006 For her work as Secretary and event planning
Steve Najarian 2006 For his work with event planning and discount merchant program
Elaine Farashian 2007 For her supporting work with Aero Club events
Lou Fitzpatrick 2008 For his work as membership chair and for scholarship financial guidance
James Kilduff 2009 For his dedication to the Aero Club and in planning for the 100th Anniversary
Mary Wunder 2010 For her efforts at streamlining membership
Debbie Harding 2011 For her dedication to the Scholarship Program
Ted Berhle 2012 For his dedication to student pilot training
Bruce Thompson 2013 For his exemplary work with the Scholarship Program
John Stubbs 2014 For his work on the Scholarships Interview committee
(Paul C. Heintz) 2014 Aero Club Lifetime Service Award
Michael Little 2015 For work converting membership software to electronic
Erik & Carris Kocher 2016 For their dedication and work with Aero Club events
? 2017
Walter Ellis 2018 For his long-term commitment to aviation and the Aero Club
Dr. Jack Schreffler 2019 For his dedication to the Aero Club and Shannon Scholarship Programs

Compiled by Rob D