The Aero Club of Pennsylvania Memorial Scholarship Fund awards annual aviation scholarships. You can help award scholarships with your generous Donation Here.

For over 75 years, the Aero Club of Pennsylvania has been awarding aviation training scholarships through our affiliated scholarship funds**. Our goal is to encourage and support young men and women from the Philadelphia/Greater Delaware Valley region in their goals toward an aviation career.

The 2016 APPLICATION PERIOD has ended.

Final online submissions are due April 1. Interviews will be held at Brandywine Airport on Saturday, May 21.

Interviews will be held at Brandywine Airport on Saturday, May 21.
The Scholarship Awards Dinner will take place at Wings Field on Thursday, June 16.

For questions:

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Scholarship Types and Requirements

What types of “aviation training” is considered for scholarships?


A few flight training scholarships are available to applicants who have not yet begun flight training or who have not completed their first solo. These awards range from $1000 to $2500. Suggested minimum age is 16 years old. Since very few of these awards are available, applicants who can get to first solo on their own have a much better chance of being awarded a flight training scholarship to help complete their training.


Advanced scholarships are available to applicants who have completed their first solo flight (or have their certificate) OR can demonstrate an equivalent commitment for a maintenance or aviation-related training scholarship. These awards range from $2000 to $5000.


Given in honor of Terry Hatcher, Alex Sheves, and Peter York Wood, these awards are given for flight or maintenance training as stand-alone awards or in conjunction with other awards in either pre or post solo categories. These awards range from $1000 to $5000.


Tailwheel endorsement: Ten(10) hours of tailwheel instruction to be given in a J3 Cub at Downstown Airport, Vineland, NJ. The endorsement must be completed within eight (8) weeks of commencement of the training. Note: height and weight limitation of less than 6’4″ and 240lbs.


Scholarships for flight training at Chester County Aviation are available for both pre-solo and advanced students ranging from $2000 to $5000, and provided by “Make KMQS Great, Inc.” a non profit organization of the Chester County Airports Pilots and Tenants Group. Funding is provided through sponsorships of the¬†Fall Flying Festival by¬†Sikorsky Helicopter and Chester County Aviation Flight School & Maintenance.


    1. Must be US citizen or resident legal alien and reside in the Philadelphia, Greater Delaware Valley area
    2. Must be available for a personal interview with the Scholarship Review Board in May
    3. If selected for an award, applicants are expected to attend the Scholarship Awards Dinner in June

Applications must be returned by the deadline with the following:

    1. Two letters of recommendation
    2. Recommendation from your flight instructor (for flight training awards)
    3. A transcript of your most recent education
    4. A 500-word typed essay describing your aviation experiences and career goals.
    5. For flight scholarships, copies of all aviation licenses and medical certificate, and the last two pages of your logbook
    6. For maintenance scholarships, proof of enrollment in an accredited A&P program or FAR Part 147 school must be included.
    7. For other scholarships, special rules may apply. See application.

Unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to re-apply the next year. Note that scholarships are awarded in the form of reimbursement with appropriate receipts OR can be awarded to the recipients training facility of choice to be used on account.

Scholarships available from other local aviation organizations:

** The Aero Club of Pennsylvania helped establish the Hollinshead N. Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1938, the Bob Shannon Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1971, and finally, the current Aero Club of Pennsylvania Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1993. The current fund is organized as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization and trustees are selected from current and former Board members of the Aero Club of Pennsylvania.