Scholarship Submission Instructions

Subject: Aero Club Scholarship Application

Thank you for inquiring about the Aero Club of PA Scholarship Program. If you live outside the greater Philadelphia Area or if you are outside the U.S.A., you are not eligible for a scholarship and we will reject your application. If you are close by Philadelphia, U.S.A. and have questions about your eligibility, respond to

For others, follow the link below, set up a basic account, and start filling in your information. You can use SAVE AS DRAFT until you have attached all required information. Then, SUBMIT your application. Keep this email for reference:

Start or return to an Application:

Final application submissions are due by April 13.

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Detailed Instructions:

0) Be sure to read and understand the scholarship types and and the eligibility requirements at

1) Follow the link above to set up a Submittable account with your current email and physical mailing address.

2) Fill out the Application as best as you can. You can use SAVE AS DRAFT until you have attached all required files.

3) Include or attach your essay. The essay is particularly important to your chances of being considered. This is your chance to share your aviation career goals and to speak about the things and people that have influenced your decisions. There are excellent essay tips at the bottom of this page here:

4) Attach requested documents to your application from a computer or phone. Many formats are accepted, including photos from your phone. You may also zip all files into one to attach (if you are doing your application from a phone or tablet, it might require the use of Dropbox to attach documents).

5) For logbook entries, you may snap a photo and attach them to the application. You may need to transfer or email them to a desktop computer to attach them, or if you are using a phone to fill out the application, you can upload images to and attach them from DropBox.

6) For letters of recommendation, we will ask you for the name and contact information for each reference on the application form. The Aero Club will then contact them with information for providing your letter of recommendation.

7) When all of your documents are uploaded, SUBMIT the form.

8) If you need to attach additional files after submitting, use the Additional Attachments form. DO NOT use the initial form again, as it may make you start over.

You can Review your existing Submissions here:

For questions, respond to