Guide – History Display

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Early Planning:

  1. Order 20×20 Tent, Long Tables (3), Round table (1) , Chairs
  2. Solicit photos, boards, scrapbooks, videos
  3. Solicit volunteers
  4. Planning sessions

Communication and scheduling:

  1. Call for Volunteers (web, newsletter, email)
  2. Reminders
  3. Schedule… setup, volunteer blocks.
  4. Where to pick up entrance bands and parking passes
  5. Provide instructions for volunteers: How to get to tent. What to do. When to take a break. etc.

Equipment / Supplies:

  1. Duct tape, extension cords, power strips, scissors, markers, pens
  2. TVs + remotes, DVD players, cables, connectors
  3. Helium, balloons, strings
  4. Crayons, coloring sheets
  5. Rope, zip ties, clippers, pliers
  6. Paypal dongles
  7. Water, drinks, ice

Prepared materials:

  1. Signage
  2. Aero Banner, Display Banners
  3. Aero Club stuff (newsletter, books, problem of the air)
  4. Badges, Volunteer parking passes, Entrance passes
  5. Photos, boards, scrapbooks, videos
  6. DVDs, USB Sticks
  7. Sale items?? Warbird rides, membership

Day of event reminders: