Notable Aero Clubs


Aero Clubs

For some time, we had thought that the Aero Club of Pennsylvania might be the oldest aero club in the nation. But that honor probably belongs to either the Aero Club of Buffalo or the Aero Club of New England. Based on the date of first organization, the Aero Club of Buffalo wins the honor, dating back to 1900. Based on charter date, the Aero Club of New England might be the oldest, dating to 1907. Both claim the “first” honor on their web sites.

Many of these aero clubs, including the Aero Club of PA started out as ballooning clubs and were affiliates of the Aero Club of America, today known as the National Aeronautic Association (N.A.A). Many of the clubs are still quite active, including the Aero Club of Washington, D.C., which hosts its own annual Wright Brothers Memorial Dinner where the N.A.A. presents its Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy.

Notable civilian Aero Clubs (organized/chartered dates)

L’AeroClub de France 1898
Royal Aeroclub of Belgium 1901
Royal Aero Club of United Kingdom 1901
Aero Club of Buffalo 1900/1910
Aero Club of New England 1902/1907
Aero Club of America 1905 (became NAA in 1922)
Aero Club of Switzerland 1905
Aero Club of Washington, D.C. 1909/1909
Aero Club of Pennsylvania 1909/1910
Lancaster Aero Club 1919 Lancaster Aero Club | Facebook
Wichita Aero Club 1915
Aero Club of South Africa 1920 / 1973
Aero Club of Southern California 1925
Aero Club of East Africa 1927
Aero Club of India 1927
Reading Aero Club 1929 / 1932
Aero Club Como (Italy) 1930
Royal New Zealand Aero Club 1930
Indianapolis Aero Club 1933
The Royal Aero Club of Gran Canaria 1951
Aero Club of Northern California 1981
Aero Club of Metropolitan Atlanta 1984

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