Wright Brothers Dinner Speakers

2020  TBD


2019  Colonel USMC (retired) Ben “Lawman” Hancock

Former Blue Angel, Colonel Hancock spoke of the rigor and discipline required to fly for the Navy’s prestigious flight demonstration squadron. 

2018  Debbie Harding

Hot air balloonist spoke 30 years of ballooning and the logistics of becoming the first woman to fly a hot air balloon over the North Pole.

2017  Major John Brennan (ret USMC)

Spoke about his missions flying the EA-6B Prowler, an electronic warfare aircraft used to block and eliminate the effectiveness of foreign radar.

2016  Dr. Richard Porcelli

Aviation speaker. Presented on “The Rich Aviation History of Atlantic City, NJ”

2015 Donald Eicher, USAF (ret)

“F-4C combat loss in 1967 resolved in 2012”

2014 Frank Sandstrom, MD

“Jimmy Doolittle a true American hero”

2013 Nick Engler “Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company”

Wright Flyer Simulator
Mike Gough, Author of “Pulitizer Air Races 1920-1925”

2012 Monica Hoffman “Determined Spirit”

Amelia Earhart re-enactor: The story of Amelia Earhart

2011 Jane Gardner Birch Author of “They Flew Proud”

The story of the civilian pilot training program.

2010 Gene Nora Jessen

“The Powder Puff Derby 1929”

2009 Connie Tobias 

Flying the exact replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer,
“The Wright Experience”
1909 Wright Flyer simulator.

2008 Bob Sparks                 

Gas and Hot Air Balloon Pilot. Had two trans-Atlantic balloon flight attempts. Commercial pilot for Lark cigarette, Exxon and McDonalds.

2007 Ben Sliney

Former FAA Director of Operations, who made decision to ground all aircraft on Sept 11,2001 and appeared in the movie “United 93”

2006 Ric Gillespie, Aviation Archeologist,

Author of, “Finding Amelia”

2005 Craig Rush 

Marine One pilot.

2004 Rol Morrow 

Aviation volunteer, Air Care Alliance

2003 Dr. Joseph P. Allen, 

Former astronaut

2002 Dr. Ian Fries, 

Author, “How To Save Money In Aviation”

2001 Dr. Steven Siepser, 

Bonanza trip to Venezuela

2000 C. Robert “Bob” Mills 

Philadelphia Seaplane Base

1999 Harry Mutter

Around the world in a PA-12, in 1947

1998 Gus Ashby    

Retired Airline Pilot

1997 Jan Churchill  

Author and pilot

1996 Pete Griffing, Jim Vincenzo, Paul Heintz, 

Past, present and future of Wings Field

1995 Nick D’Apuzzo

American aircraft designer. He worked at the Naval Air Development Center

1994 Peter Wright, Sr.

Played major role in development of commercial rotorcraft business; Founder of Keystone Helicopter. Decorated WWII combat airmen who transferred from the Navy to Chennaults Flying Tigers and flew with them.

1993 Brad McManus

1992 David Cannavo 

Builder of an “Exact” replica of the Spirit of St. Louis

1991 Tom Crouch   

Author of Bishop’s Boys & NASM curator

1990 Dotty Miller   

99 & Early flight hostess for American, Airlines when she had to be a nurse

1989 Allen Dorwin   

FAA Accident Prevention Specialist, PHL FSDO