Named Scholarships

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We award many scholarships in honor of influential aviation personalities, often funded by their estate and their family and friends.

You may donate in any amount in the name of any of these honorees. If you wish to provide a scholarship in name of someone new, you may specify an honoree when you make a $1000 or more donation: Donations Here.

Or contact us for more details:

Honorees who have flown west:

Bob Shannon

Operated West Chester Airport (Brandywine) and Downingtown Airport (Shannon) in the 60’s and 70’s.

Terry Hatcher

Aero Club President and long-time Bob Shannon Scholarship fund trustee. Member of Aero Club for over 50 years. Passed away in 2013.

Alex Sheves

Local aviation legend, World War II veteran and a lifelong flyer and mechanic. Managed the Chester County Airport for almost 40 years and owned a P-51, FM2 and a T6.

Peter York Wood

Aviation idealist and visionary, past officer and longest continuous member of Aero Club. Operated Benedict Airport. Compiled first nationwide Air Travel Guide.

Millie Jordan

Not a licensed pilot, but an ardent supporter and role model for both her son and grandson as they pursued their careers in aviation, both of whom received Aero Club scholarships. Millie was a loving, caring, outgoing lady with a zeal that attracted others to her.

C. Robert Mills

Operated the Philadelphia Seaplane Base at Essington for over 50 years. Naval Aviator in WWII, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his part in the operation in the Leyte Gulf. The Bob Mills Memorial Scholarship is in the process of raising funds for this award. You may donate funds in Bob’s name with your donation to the Aero Club.

Joshua Shorr

Joshua Shorr became interested in aviation before age 10, when he was building and flying model airplanes with his Dad. He earned his private pilot’s certificate in his early 20’s and had dreams of becoming an airline pilot. Unfortunately, he lost a battle with a very rare immune disease. Though, Joshua never had the opportunity to live his dream, we want a deserving aviator to have the opportunity to pursue their passion in Joshua’s memory.

Contemporary Honorees:

Brig Gen Bruce Thompson, Ret.

Recent past president of Aero Club, current airline pilot. 32 years of service with Delaware National Guard as a C-130 Pilot.

Ninety-Nines Honorees:

Donate here: Eastern PA Chapter – Ninety Nines

Louise Sacchi

Instructor, pilot, mechanic, and engineer. Taught advanced navigation to the RAF during WWII. Operated ferry service and completed over 300 ocean crossings.

Connie Wolf

Flew hydrogen balloons in the 50’s and 60’s and set 15 world records. First woman to cross the Alps in a balloon. Had a life-long love of aviation, adventure and public service.

Theresa Dellaquila

Longtime local fixed wing and helicopter pilot and Ninety-Nine. Became well known within the local aviation community.