Aviation Training Examples

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The Aero Club of Pennsylanvia awards scholarships primarily for flight training for students interested in careers as pilots. However, there are many aviation-related categories that we will consider for a scholarship:

  1. Flight Training: Training in fixed wing, rotary, lighter-than-air, etc, with the intention of following or furthering a professional career in aviation.
  2. Aviation Maintenance: Training for those wishing to have a career in aviation maintenence as and Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, working on small aircraft or in the military or airlines.
  3. Air Traffic Control: Training for those desiring a career as an air traffic controller.
  4. Airport Management: Training for those interesting in the business and management side of aviation.
  5. Aviation Weather: Training for those desiring a career in aviation related weather positions.
  6. Drone Operator: Training for those interesting in establishing a career as a drone operator in fields such as aerial photography, surveying, security, etc.