Guide – Scholarship Process

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  1. Determine Application Dates (~Jan 15-Apr 1)
  2. Determine Interview Date (May)
  3. Confirm Interview location (Brandywine Airport)
  4. Confirm Dinner Date (June)
  5. Confer with Treasurer on award amount

Update online Submission process:

  1. Submittable Site
    1. Login with scholarship email
    2. Navigate to the admin console (Pulldown top-right, click first link under Team Accounts)
    3. Click on Submissions
    4. Archive last years applications (Select all and click Archive icon)
    5. Click on Forms
    6. Disable last years app forms by selecting them and then unselecting the “Live” box and saving
    7. Duplicate last years 2 application forms (Start and Add More) and give new names for the new year
    8. Set the valid submission dates in General Settings (~Jan 15… April 7)
    9. For the main form, click Form Designer and update with new dates (for interviews and dinner)
    10. Set the new forms to “live” when ready (early Jan)
    11. If necessary, update home page instructions under “More”,”Account”


  2. Aero Club Website
    1. Log into website admin console (wp-admin)
    2. Edit automatic email “Contact Form” (as needed)
    3. Edit the similar scholarship-submission-instructions page (as needed)
    4. Make the instructions page publicly visible: /scholarships/scholarship-submission-instructions/
    5. Edit “Scholarship Reqest” page (as needed – usually not necessary)
    6. Edit “Scholarship” page to unhide the link to the Scholarship Request form (and update the dates: deadline, interview, dinner)


  1. Create bulletin board announcement (sample on Google Drive)
  2. Upload bulletin board announcement to website
  3. Send email to membership and other orgs (Wild Apricot)
  4. Contact local schools and organizations

Sample BB Announcement

Application Review Process:

  1. TBD

July Membership Update:

  1. Send old applicant/recipients renewal notices and/or archive memberships
  2. Add new applicants/recipients as complimentary members (July 1 to July 1)