Guide – Flea Market

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Early Planning:

  1. Call event coordinator and confirm tables and chairs.
  2. Solicit volunteers to work the event.
  3. Inventory existing items and solicit new items.
  4. Gather supplies (see Day of Event)

Day of Event:

  1. Move stuff to Venue
  2. Fill cooler with drinks/ice
  3. Aero Club Awning(s)
  4. Aero Club Shirts/Books/Pins (optional)
  5. Supplies:
    Cash/Cash box
    Donation jar
    Table cloths
    Pens, Markers
    Stickers/price tags
    IOU certificate for people without check/cash
    Aero Club banner
    Other signage
    Member forms
    Shopping bags

Many items can be priced free as “Make a Donation”. People tend to give more than we would get by pricing items. It is OK to throw away some of the poor quality items, before returning the rest to storage.